Points, Miles & Milk Bottles: Welcome Baby Weekly Flyer!

the baby’s room

I’m taking a break from the usual talk about points and miles to share some good news that will be of interest to many Boarding Area readers.

Please welcome Baby Weekly Flyer!

Blogger, and now first-time Dad, The Weekly Flyer from over at Points, Miles & Martinis, tells me that he, Mrs. Weekly Flyer, and their new arrival have been home for a few days and that they’re all doing well.

That kind of news is better than any old mileage promotion.

Congratulations to mother, father, and baby!

Photo: The Baby’s Room – photographs found in a 1930s photo album
Credit: Karen Horton on Flickr



  1. I think things must be going well or Mr. Weekly Flyer wouldn’t be headed to the Freddies next week. 😉 That or Mrs. Weekly Flyer is the nicest wife ever. Ha ha. Very exciting to welcome another little one to the BoardingArea Family!

  2. Hi AAGeek – Thanks for the well wishes.

    Hi Rapid Travel Chai – And status too!

    Hi MommyPoints – Things are going well and I’m the luckiest Guy / Dad ever!

    Hi Heather – Keep an eye out for upcoming trip reports. We have four trips planned this year already.

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