More room for your carry-on luggage

At Hanger | AA 737-800

Some good news, American is upgrading the cabin on their 737 fleet and doubling the amount of room in the overhead bin, which is welcome news for those of us that travel with a carry-on bag, and they’re also installing new and more comfortable seats.  ABC News has all the details of American’s ambitious cabin makeover.

All the work is being done at American’s maintenance base in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which happens to be the largest in the world.  They’ve got staff working around the clock to to complete this project.  Boeing has an interesting video about their partnership with American and their next-generation 737 makeover.

I was on a flight a week ago that had the new seats installed, and it was more comfortable than the old-school seat, with much more support from the cushions, and because the seat slides forward when you recline, the passenger in front of you doesn’t drop his head in your lap when he reclines his seat.  Most people will consider the 737 makeover an improvement, it’s much roomier between rows now, the whole interior looks cleaner and more polished, and they finally got rid of those old CRT video displays.  Of course they’re also increasing the number of passengers that they can fit on a plane, up from 148 to 160, but they’re removing a galley and relocating a bathroom to accomplish that, so most passengers probably won’t notice the fuller planes.  Have you had a chance to ride on one of the 737s with the new passenger cabin?’

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