AAdvantage Award Chart for round-the-world oneworld Explorer ticket

I’m sure this has been posted elsewhere, but I just became aware of this AAdvantage Award chart that displays the number of miles needed for a oneworld Explorer ticket, the continent based round-the-world travel product from the oneworld alliance:

Travelling the world has never been easier, more flexible or more affordable thanks to oneworld Explorer. Reaching more than 800 global destinations across six continents in the oneworld alliance network, oneworld Explorer lets you create your ideal round-the-world trip.

To keep things simple, we divide the world into six continents to calculate your oneworld Explorer fare.
The fare you pay is based on the class you choose to fly, plus the number of oneworld continents you visit or pass through, (including your continent of origin and any continent in which you transfer).

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The number of miles required varies depending on the distance and class of service traveled. To determine the award for your travel plans, please call AAdvantage Reservations with your complete itinerary and one of our helpful service representatives will calculate the miles you are flying and advise you of the correct award to use.

Distance Zone 1
Total Trip Miles = 0 to 1,500
Miles Required
Economy Class 30,000
Business Class 60,000
First Class 80,000

Distance Zone 2
Total Trip Miles = 1,501 – 4,000
Miles Required
Economy Class 35,000
Business Class 75,000
First Class 100,000

Distance Zone 3
Total Trip Miles = 4,001 – 9,000
Miles Required
Economy Class 60,000
Business Class 80,000
First Class 100,000

Distance Zone 4
Total Trip Miles = 9,001 – 10,000
Miles Required
Economy Class 70,000
Business Class 90,000
First Class 120,000

Distance Zone 5
Total Trip Miles = 10,001 – 14,000
Miles Required
Economy Class 90,000
Business Class 115,000
First Class 150,000

Distance Zone 6
Total Trip Miles = 14,001 – 20,000
Miles Required
Economy Class 100,000
Business Class 130,000
First Class 180,000

Distance Zone 7
Total Trip Miles = 20,001 – 25,000
Miles Required
Economy Class 120,000
Business Class 150,000
First Class 230,000

Distance Zone 8
Total Trip Miles = 25,001 – 35,000
Miles Required
Economy Class 140,000
Business Class 190,000
First Class 280,000

Distance Zone 9
Total Trip Miles = 35,001 – 50,000
Miles Required
Economy Class 160,000
Business Class 220,000
First Class 330,000

source: American Airlines at AA.com



  1. I think you’re confusing 2 different products.

    The oneworld Explorer ticket (offered by AA as well as other oneworld airlines) is indeed continent based.

    However, the AA oneworld “Explorer” award is just the old DISTANCE based oneworld award given a new name. This is obvious when you look at the award chart posted above which doesn’t mention continents at all, only the total distance flown.

    It’s merely a marketing change – there is nothing substantial here.

  2. These awards are by and far the best use of AA’s miles in terms of award redemptions in my humble opinion. I’ve redeemed two awards to date using this award chart:

    ORD-LHR-HKG-FUK-TPE-HKG-SIN-CMB-SIN-SYD-LAX-ORD in F class which I did last year on a combination of AA, Cathay, and Qantas on the A380 on two legs. I just redeemed again for a J class award going SFO-LAX-HNL-LAX-ORD-HKG-KUL-HKG-JFK-BOS-NRT-FRA-BER-JFK-AMM on a combination of AA, Cathay, JAL, Air Berlin, and Royal Jordanian.

    The two awards cost me 500K AA miles total, but when you think about how much it would have cost me to do all those trips individually with AA miles? An amazing deal.

  3. These awards are amazing. For just a little more miles you should always get the business class. It’s amazing experience. You get all the perks the business travellers get, like access to the business lounges in the airports, some of the carriers provide free towncar service to your hotel (like Etihad in Abu Dhabi), bigger luggage allowances, special check in lines so no waiting in long lines, and all around pampering on board. It really is worth it. I took two of these in my life so far, going around the world visiting many countries. A tip is to book at least 4-6 months ahead of time, and be flexible on your dates of travel, and you can then go pretty much anywhere. Try to stay on a logical directional route so you aren’t backtracking and wasting miles. Highly recommended.

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