Breaking News: American Airlines adds Gourmet Potato Chips to the Menu

The Pulitzer Prizes were awarded this week and it was a big win for online news outlets. I was pretty disappointed to be left off the list, so I’m vowing to improve the quality of content here on the blog.  As part of that effort, I bring you this news item about the new gourmet potato chips that were added American’s buy on board menu.

I was on a flight the other day and noticed this addition to the AA menu:


Boxer Chip


Hand cut potato crisps….what’s not to like?  Here’s a description of these “Savagely Salted” chips from the Boxer Chips website:

This is a crisp for the kinda person who really goes for it. Someone who is not afraid to sand up and say, “I have a dream. A dream that one day all crisps will have the right to be savagely salted.”

They’re $2.99 and being offered after 10 AM on all flights greater than 2 hours.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Wow. That post will get you a Pulitzer about as fast as potato chips will get AA out of bankruptsy . And to think that I missed th e opportunity with a 9:45 departure. Damn! If only I had known, I could have taken a later flight.

  2. @ Cedarglen – I’m hopoing that the Pulitzer committee can be swayed by tasty snacks! Too bad your flight left so early, I guess even potato chips aren’t worth the $150 ticketing change fee. 😀

    Thanks for the comment!

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