Off topic: Watch the sky, the Lyrid Meteor Shower peaks tonight.

The annual Lyrid meteor shower peaks tonight.  The best time to watch will be very early in the morning on Sunday, just an hour or two before dawn.  From Earth and Sky:

Since it’s radiant point – the point in the sky from which the meteors appear to radiate – is fairly far north, it’s better seen from the Northern Hemisphere than from the southern part of Earth’s globe. With no moon to ruin the show, 2012 is the time to watch the Lyrids. Sometimes, the Lyrids can surprise you by producing several times the usual number of meteors – but you never know.

If you don’t have a view from your location, or if you’d rather not venture outside, you can watch the showers with NASA’s All Sky Camera Network of video cameras set up at 11 observatories around North America.

NASA is also hosting a live chat tonight, and meteor experts Dr. Bill Cooke, Danielle Moser and Rhiannon Blaauw from NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center will be on hand to answer any meteor related questions until 5 AM Sunday morning.

Hope you have a view tonight.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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