My upgrade won’t clear and why I don’t care

A few days ago I had to book a last minute trip, and because of my schedule I had to choose a specific flight.  First Class was sold out so I knew that I had almost no chance of an upgrade.

When I pick my flights I usually have the option of being more selective, I look for a flight where there are no more than two occupied Main Cabin Extra and/or exit row seats for every one open First Class seat. There are lots of other variables such as type of aircraft, city pair, time of day that influence upgrade odds, but I don’t obsess over it and the 2 to 1 rule of thumb works for me.

Anyway, back to my story. I knew there would be no upgrade, but I didn’t mind; my flight was going to be on a new Boeing Sky Interior 737-800 with Wi-Fi and Main Cabin Extra, and more importantly, I was going to get a chance to try a new snack item that was added to the buy-on-board menu: the Caramel Sea Salt brownie from Dancing Deer Brownie Company!


Dancing Deer Brownie Co. Caramel Sea Salt Brownie


Last month American started selling the Caramel Sea Salt Square, and because the Upgrade Gods have been kind to me, I haven’t had a chance to try it.

Now, thanks to a sold out First Class cabin, I’ll get my brownie!

This deep, rich, caramel dessert square is drizzled with creamy caramel and sprinkled with authentic Himalayan Pink sea salt. Such a sweet and salty treasure you will not be able to stop at one!

(If the brownie turns out to be as good as the Sea Salt & Caramel Cookies from Jimmy’s Food Store, I’ll never request an upgrade again;)

Look for a review this weekend of the inflight brownie!


  1. Like you, the upgrade gods have been kind to me lately but i got stuck in the back (MCE) last week on a flight from MIA – DFW as a result of a last minute change (also on a Boeing Sky interior 737-800). I tried the sea salt caramel brownie – it didn’t turn me on at all. The specialty popcorn though – a big hit! Also,thank goodness for Tito’s vodka and free drinks for EXP in the back…..

  2. 1) It doesn’t have chocolate, so I think this makes it a blondie, not a brownie. It’s labeled as a brownie though.
    2) I really like it
    3) If you’re seated in first class, try asking a flight attendant for one. They’ll probably be happy to get one for you.

  3. Plus if this was me, I could use the airline credit on my AmEx Platinum Card. Sunday I was the last to clear the upgrade list. oh well

  4. @ Kelly – I was tempted to try the popcorn, but didn’t, but after your review, I going to have to try it now! Thanks for the tip!

    @ Tim J – Great tip, thanks for sharing!

    @ Scott – I’ve been on this flight many times before (second flight of the day between DFW/LGA), and (if my memory is correct) it’s been a 738 with BSI since at least February. Also, American has been pretty consistent in deploying these new planes on a few routes like DFW/SFO, DFW/DCA, and DFW/LGA, so because of this and previous experience, I just assumed it was going to be a 738-BSI. A wiser man would probably not be so confident!

    @ Bill n DC – I kept a small sliver of hope that even with a sold out First Class cabin that that an upgrade miracle might happen: I’ve been pulled up from coach before when someone didn’t show up for the flight. Until we push back from the gate I try to keep hope alive. 🙂

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