Woman sues American Airlines and Sky Chefs claiming that there was a lizard in her meal

Lizard food
Lizard on a stick at the Wangfujing, Night Market by adamclyde on Flickr

While I’m trying to resist the urge to write something snarky, I will say that the lizard can’t possibly be any worse tasting than the three-meat sandwich.  Anyway, this item from the Gothamist:

Woman Sues American Airlines Over Alleged Lizard in Meal

Seven years ago Monserrate Luna, 49, says she was eating her in-flight meal of chicken and vegetables on an American Airlines flight out of JFK when she unintentionally consumed “a chunk of lizard” that was mixed in with her food.

So go over to this link to read all about it.  There’s even a link to the original lawsuit.   Better yet, read it for the “Snakes on a Plane” reference.

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