New Plane and New Livery: A Photo of American Airlines first A319

In early July, American will take delivery of their first A319.  The new plane will sport Wi-fi, Main Cabin Extra, as well as in-seat inflight entertainment, USB ports, and power outlets at every seat.

Plane spotter, and photographer, Boris Motel managed to take a photo of American’s first A319 at Airbus’s factory at Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport in Germany.

It’s a copyrighted photo so I’m only able to show you a thumbnail. Click on the image below to see a much larger, hi-res version.

© Boris Motel

(Aviation geeks should note that in addition to being American’s first A319, this plane will also be the first A319 to be delivered with Sharklet wing tips.)


  1. Awesome, although it is hilarious there is a small German flag on top of the giant American flag livery on the tail.

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