‘Chewbacca’ slowed by TSA on the way to his American Airlines flight

Yesterday I had a post about Bobby Brown smoking an e-cigarette on a flight, and today I have another celebrity news item, but I assure you that I’m not trying to compete with TMZ. It’s just that this story has all the elements, celebrity, TSA, American Airlines, and AAdvantage Elite status, so I found it hard to resist sharing.

In the Star Wars films, Chewbacca, armed with a blaster, was able to fight off Imperial Stormtroopers and to make his way to the Millennium Falcon. Unfortunately for Peter Mayhew, the actor who played Chewbacca, a cane shaped like a light saber wasn’t enough to get him past the TSA. In fact, because of the cane he spent a little extra time in security as the agents tried to figure out if it was a weapon.

The actor was at the Denver airport and on his way to catch an American Airlines flight to DFW.  TSA agents delayed him so that they could inspect his walking cane, which is made to look like a light saber. He thought for a moment that the agents were going to confiscate his cane, so rather than using a blaster, he took to Twitter.




People started to retweet his SOS, and after a few minutes he was reunited with his cane.



A short time later the @AmericanAir team sent a Tweet to check on him, but by then he had already been reunited with his light saber cane.




When he got to DFW he sent a Tweet to thank the @AmericanAir team.




Here’s some good advice:

Let the Wookie Win

“Trust the Force” and the @AmericanAir team!

Speaking of Winning

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  1. Always ALWAYS let the Wookie Win.

    Quite simple. Even the TSA should know this…

    Now what does Gary say.. something about a few bad apples…?

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