Sunday Reading: Bobby Brown ‘fires” up an e-cigarette on a flight

Here’s a diversion from some of the weightier news items you may be reading today. Jaunted editor Juliana Shallcross writes about a recent Delta flight she shared with Bobby Brown and how she witnessed him smoking an e-cigarette.

Until I read her story, I never gave much thought to e-cigarettes, the flameless and smokeless electronic alternative to the real thing.

Just like real cigarettes, you’re not allowed to smoke them on a plane, but that prohibition comes from the airlines rather than the government. There’s no clear guidance from the Department of Transportation or the FAA, so all of the U.S. carriers have stepped in and banned them. I guess it’s an example of the laws not keeping up with technology.

Back to Bobby Brown, I guess he didn’t pay attention to the Delta inflight safety video…

“Smoking, is NOOTT allowed!”


Here’s a link to the story.




  1. E-Sigs are going to explode in popularity the next few years. Bruno Mars is a fan of them and I’m sure his fans will be on board soon 🙁

  2. Someone asked if he could smoke one in the United Club at ORD the other day. The bartender said no “because then the Europeans think that smoking is allowed and light up real cigarettes”

  3. Had someone do this on a flight a few months ago. She had it disguised as a pen and would wait until the stew would walk by and then take a puff. Finally she thought she got caught and stopped….but this is going to be a thing soon enough.

  4. I love this FA/model? In your gif. Everytime I see her on the screen, I always think she does a great promo. Lovely FA/model ?

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