Best Main Cabin seats on American’s new 777-300ER

A few weeks ago I was in a conversation about American’s new 777-300ER and the question came up, “Where are the best seats in coach?” Just to be clear, we were talking Main Cabin seats, not Main Cabin Extra.

And the answer? Well that depends, do you prefer more legroom, or more storage space?

American Airlines 777-300ER Main Cabin


Row 31 – Seats A, B, K, and L

Pros: Row 31 is the exit row and offers the most room. Another plus is that there’s no middle seat, so if you’re traveling with another person you’ll have more privacy.  Also features aisle access from each seat.

Cons: The tray is in the armrest. The inflight entertainment system and controls are also mounted in the armest. No underseat storage. Preferred Seating, so their reserved for AAdvantage Elite members and passengers willing to pay extra for exit row seating.

Row 41 – Seats A, B, K, and L

Pros: No middle seat, so more privacy. More storage – you’re behind a 3 seat row, so you have the benefit of being able to use 40C and 40J for underseat storage. Seatback mounted IFE and tray. No Elite status required, and no extra cost to reserve these seats.

Cons: Less legroom.  No direct aisle access for the person sitting in the window seat.  You’re also long way back from the front the plane, so you’ll be among the last to exit the plane.

So which would you prefer, more legroom or more storage?


  1. no one prefers ANY economy seat on the only US based airline using 3-4-3 … add in the fact that Americans are rather “full bodied” and it’s an air-borne Gitmo waiting to happen

    I’ll stay with 3-3-3 config 777s or Airbuses thank you

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