Oklahoma Tornados: Donate to the American Red Cross & earn up to 500 AAdvantage Miles

I’m from Oklahoma. And even though I’ve lived in Dallas for a very long time now, I still call Oklahoma home.

I spend a lot of my time traveling and meeting new people. Eventually someone will ask “So where are you from”? My answer is always the same, “I live in Dallas, but I’m from Oklahoma”.

On Sunday a couple of tornados hit my hometown and a small community just north of the city. I know people who lost their homes that evening.

And on Monday, like many people, I was watching online as the Tornado moved through Moore, and for me the whole experience was surreal. I recognized the landmarks and the street names, and I know people that live in Moore.

It was almost too painful to watch.

I’m grateful that everyone I know survived the storms, but there’s not enough space to describe how badly I feel for those who aren’t so lucky.

Oklahoma is also home to a lot of American Airlines employees, they’re the third largest private employer in the state.

So it’s no surprise to see them offering AAdvantage Miles in return for donations to the American Red Cross.

Our hearts are with all those affected by the major tornadoes that have struck Oklahoma. Please join us in support of the American Red Cross relief efforts by making a cash donation. American will reward your generosity with an AAdvantage mile offer.

Through June 30, 2013, AAdvantage members can earn a one-time award of 250 AAdvantage miles for a minimum donation of $50, or 500 AAdvantage miles for a donation of $100 or more to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief.

To give just visit this page and donate using their link.

More than 12,000 homes destroyed and damaged. If you add up the the number of people left homeless by these storms it would nearly equal the population of our tenth largest city.

That’s a lot of people that need help.


  1. Thanks for posting about this. We also currently live in DFW and used to live in OK and watched the news show the destruction of the city we used to live in. 🙁

  2. I went to OU 99-03. I was up in Moore with my churn group a couple weeks after 5/3/99 helping to clean up. That was a life changer seeing the damage.

    I donated $100 to Red Cross Tues before AA sent out the email about this promo yesterday. Going to call and see if I can get them to honor the 500 miles. Might as well since I’m a mile whore. If any recommended avenues of calling to try to get that for me and others that may have already donated, please post. Thanks!

  3. @ Curtis – Like you, I did the same and donated already. I”ll ask AA too and let you know what they say.

  4. @ Curtis – Ha ha! I thought you probably meant “Church Group”, but with folks like us, there’s was a 50% chance you belong to a “Churn Group” as well. 😀

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