American schedules a one time 777-300ER domestic run from San Diego to JFK

American is planning a one-time run of their new 777-300ER from San Diego to JFK on Sunday, August 4.

American Airlines Flight 12
Departs: San Diego (SAN): 8:50 AM
Arrives: New York (JFK): 5:15 PM

According to a rumor posted in a thread in Flyertalk, the plane is operating as a charter flight on August 3 and delivering some lucky passengers to San Diego to attend the Global Business Travel Association convention.

Despite the three class configuration, it’s being sold as a two class flight: the business class section is being sold as coach with the seats being reserved for full fare passengers and AAdvantage elites (as of 5 PM on Wednesday all the Business Class seats were taken).

According to the seat map the First Class cabin is wide open, but shows no availability  (I suspect it may be reserved for some special purpose and doubt it will open up).

American Airlines Flight 12 from SAN to JFK

So if you live in the San Diego area and you’re planning to travel to New York in early August anyway, well here’s your chance to ride the new 777-300ER!  You might even be able to experience the new mood lighting….because of the red and blue colors this is what the cabin crew jokingly refer to as AA Party Mode:-)

American Airlines 777-300ER Mood Lighting


  1. I don’t really understand all of the hoopla about the 77W at AA. It’s hardly a new model, doesn’t offer anything groundbreaking, and though being touted as the ‘first domestic airline’ to take delivery of one, it’s not as if other airlines had any desire to acquire it.

    The only explanation I can think of is that AA’s fleet was so ancient that new aircraft of any sort are a blessing.

    Sorry if that sounds hypercritical, it just really makes no sense to me.

  2. @ Sean – I think people are excited for a combination of reasons.

    One of them is exactly as you suggest: for a long time American has had to postpone ordering new aircraft, and now with the restructuring largely completed and new airplanes on order, the 77W is tangible evidence that AA is making improvements.

    I think another reason people get excited is that many frequent flyers are aviation geeks: a new plane, configured with lie-flat seats, and a new livery is just too much to resist!

    Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment!

  3. While I see your point Sean, you also should remember that aviation geeks also really like big planes (A380s are way cooler than A318s) and the 77W is a huge new plane indeed

    • @ James K – Yeah, size does matter to aviation geeks. If I ran an airline it would be nothing but big planes, probably mostly 747s. Even on short routes like DFW to AUS. 😀

  4. CX has been flying the 777-300 since 1998. Domestic carriers “catching up” reinforces how far behind things are in the states when it comes to air travel…due to the “race to the bottom” in pricing and complex local route market.

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