Photos of the new American Airlines prototype Priority Check-in at DFW

DFW Airport and American Airlines recently completed Phase 1 of their renovations to Terminal A.  American has described the project as the “Next Generation Airport Prototype for American’s Customers“.

The remodeled terminal includes a new Priority Check-in space that will serve as a model for future updates to American’s facilities at DFW and other airports.

Priority Check-in is a dedicated check-in area reserved for AAdvantage Elite customers and passengers traveling in First and Business Class. At American’s hubs, like JFK and LAX, it’s a special area semi-cocooned away from the rest of the check-in space. It’s (usually) less chaotic, there are fewer lines, and it provides direct access to expedited security lanes.

Priority Check-in is not to be confused with Flagship Check-in, which is reserved for ConciergeKey customers and passengers traveling in three-class transcontinental flights and in First Class on international flights.

Unlike LAX, MIA, or more recently JFK, and (soon) ORD, DFW doesn’t have a Flagship Check-in facility. But that will soon change!!

According to someone I spoke with at American Airlines, “Flagship Check-In service is offered at JFK, MIA and LAX and will be available at DFW in late 2013.”

Anyway, here’s a photo tour of the Next Gen Priority Check-in at DFW Terminal A. It’s set off in a room, away from the rest of the check-in area. It’s an enclosed space, surrounded by frosted glass.


American Airlines Priority Check-in



American Airlines Priority Check-in

American Airlines Priority Check-in


Counters and Kiosks

American Airlines Priority Check-in



American Airlines Priority Check-in


Seating Area

American Airlines Priority Check-in


Direct access to expedited security

American Airlines Priority Check-in

American Airlines Priority Check-in


  1. I’ve had the pleasure and came in from the parking garage right there. The only problem is, unless you know that the Priority Check-in is there, you don’t see it. When you enter from the garage, you come into the main check-in area with 10 – 15 self check-in kiosks. After you wait in line at one of the “general machines” – you proceed to TSA Checkpoint and you pass the Priority Check-in area – ALSO VERY IMPORTANT – there is NO TSA Pre-Check at this Check-in location. The day I was there, the TSA line was VERY LONG. Also as a side note – NO STARBUCKS either….just sayin’

    • @ Jimmy J – Thanks Pre-Check info and for the review!

      You’re right about Starbucks, it’s WAAAY over on the other side of the terminal at A29.

      Maybe as an added enhancement AA should put a Barista behind the counter in the mornings and hand out TSA approved sized espresso shots! 😉

      @ David – Pre-Check will be available later this year. Here’s an update from a spokesperson at American:

      “American and the TSA are coordinating a potential move for the TSA PreCheck expedited program at DFW Terminal A. The move from checkpoint A35 to checkpoint A11 will most likely occur later this year.”

      Thanks for the question!

  2. This Terminal A priority checkin was awesome when we used it about a month ago. I may just head here every time and then take the Sky Train!

    • @ Curtis – I had the same experience and I like your idea about using Terminal A each time – I may do the same! 🙂

    • I am flying first/business class out of DFW Terminal A, so where is this new Priority Check-in space located?

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