The American Airlines – US Airways Merger is done. Announcement to come at 7:30 tomorrow morning.

Nobody has done a better job than Terry Maxon of covering American’s journey through the restructuring process and the drama of merger talks between AA and US Airways. When it’s all done, I hope he writes a book.

He just posted this update on the Dallas Morning New Aviation Biz Blog:

We are working on our story saying that American Airlines and US Airways will announce their merger Thursday.

– The plan is to announce the deal in the pre-dawn hours Thursday, followed by a 7:30 a.m. CST call with the analyst community, a Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport press conference in mid-morning, a 1 p.m. Dallas/Fort Worth Airport presentation to AA employees, with the video and audio broadcast to other locations.

Go here to read the rest of his post.


  1. Time to buckle up and hold on to see what happens now! Hopefully the somewhat acceptable predictions all of you bloggers have made about this will work out.

  2. Agreed, Terry Maxon and Mitchell Schnurman of the Dallas Morning News have been exemplary in their reporting and analysis throughout the process. MUCH better, and more objective than the Fort Worth Star-Telegram which does nothing but “suck up” to AMR.

    As a long-time employee of the largest carrier at DFW and about to be largest in the world – I hope that Doug Parker implements a complete and total overhaul of a Management style that has been dysfunctional on steroids.

    I wish Mr. Parker well and I think the future is MUCH brighter than it otherwise would have been if Horton had been successful. It’s time for Mr. Horton to accept the honorary title that the Creditors have very graciously afforded him and then bow out.

  3. Waiting to see FF program changes, viz. award rates, merge date, and changes to routes they might have to make to get DoJ anti-trust OK. There will be pluses and minuses. I predict a hike in mile rates and fees almost immediately. And goodbye to USAirways 100% bonus miles offers. Hopefully AA’s one-way awards survive. With consolidation in the US,down to 3 huge carriers, the end of the good times in FF programs is closer.

  4. Thanks Claudia, NOT! What a wonderful thought to have about 65,000 jobs lost, not to mention other job loss due to such an evil wish. You should have signed your post, Ms. Devil Claudia.

  5. Thanks Kevin, I share the same sentiment about Devil Claudia. If she is unhappy with AA then I would hope that she would happily fly another airline. Or just disintegrate in the air and just leave the planet. We have enough evil in the world.

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