American brings back the sorting feature to the booking process at

Back in December when American rolled out their “Your Choice Essential” and “Your Choice Essential Plus” bundled fare options they updated the website booking process and managed to downgrade the user experience by removing the sorting feature.

I guess the people that designed the website never actually used to book tickets, because it seemed like a rather huge and obvious oversight. When the update went live and the sorting feature was missing, American received howls of protest feedback from many of their best customers.

We complained. They listened. Sorting is back!

Sort by Stops/Travel Time

Your sort options are the same, but they work a litte differently. From a pull down menu you can sort by Number of Stops or Total Travel Time.

sort options

sort options pulldown

Sort by Price

The Sort by Price has been improved.

click to sort

Click on the column “UP” or “DOWN” arrows to sort
sort by price


Each column in the fare matrix can now be sorted independently. This wasn’t possible on the old site. So now it’s much easier to find the lowest priced instant upgrade fare.

sort P fare


Another Improvement.

Another feature that went missing with the upgrade was being able to view the results on a single page. Now you can “View all Results” on a single page.

view all results


If you’ve been using Kayak, ITA, or some other site to research you fares, you can come back to now.

It was a mistake to remove the sorting function to begin with, but I have to give American credit for responding to customers.

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  1. When searching international award travel across the Pacific, do it on the Qantas web site after enrolling in their FFP. Then call AA to book. It saves time and guess work when dealing with the agent on the phone.

  2. Actually, sorting by departure and arrival time is there and works fine. Just use the arrows in the same way that you sort by price.

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