American Airlines: Now you can tag your own bag in Orlando

American Airlines Check In Kiosks Photo i047 by Grant Wickes

Orlando International Airport becomes the second American Airlines location to offer customers the option to tag their own bags.

Boston and Austin were test cities for self-tagging, and for a while AAdvantage members with Elite status in Boston were being offered bonus miles as an inducement to give it a try.

During several months of feedback and tests, American observed that customers were able to speed up their check-in time (in Austin it improved by as much as 55 percent) and AUS become the first airport to offer self-tagging permanently.

It’s an easy enough process, here’s how American explains it:

Self-Tag is easy! Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Print your bag tags at the self-service kiosk.

Step 2: Attach the bag tag to each checked bag.

Step 3: Bring your self-tagged baggage to the designated Self Tag drop-off location.

According to American’s website, self-tagging will be expanded soon to Chicago O’Hare and Reagan National.

Not sure why it’s didn’t work out in Boston….<insert Boston joke here>


Photo: American Airlines Check In Kiosks
Credit: Photo courtesy Grant Wickes on Flickr


  1. @ Eric – You’re right. Save AA some money and save me some time. I found out later this afternoon that “American plans to launch self-tag at additional airports in 2013 that include ATL, LAX, JFK, MIA, BOS, SFO, STL and LAS”.

    @ Gene – They check your ID when you go to the designated Self Tag drop-off location.

    Thanks for the comments!

  2. Hopefully AA will continue to offer bonus miles for early/first time users of the self bag/tag option. Otherwise, I’d like to give humans the job instead of automation. 🙂

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