So did you notice that American made some updates to their website?

American rolled out a few small improvements to their website late last week. Here are the highlights.

New Seat Maps

Here’s a look at the new seat maps. This is from the new Boeing 777-300ER with a three class configuration and Main Cabin Extra seating.

First Class


Business Class



Main Cabin


Detail of seat map Legend



Fare Deals

Another new improvement is that fare deals are now displayed as round-trip prices. Not a big deal, but it’s always seemed somewhat less than candid that while prices were listed as one way fares, most deals required a round-trip purchase. I have always thought that the asterisk and the “round-trip purchased required” was disingenuous.

One small technology advance. One giant leap forward with transparency in pricing!

Home page fare deals



You can now access your account using your AAdvantage account number or your email address.



One issue

This may not be an issue any longer, but Friday morning I noticed that my reservations disappeared. They were no longer listed under the “My Reservations” tab.

I was able to bring them back by accessing “My Reservations” under the top navigation menu.

My Reservations

And then using the record locator, I was able to retrieve them. Now my reservations are displayed when I access my account.

Find Reservations


Did I miss anything?  Did you notice any other changes?


    • @ FEV – I didn’t notice any changes with the app. Even the seat map looked the same to me. Thanks for reading!

  1. I’m not seeing these seat configs yet, even for the same flights, so they must be doing a gradual roll-out. More annoyingly, they don’t have any 50k / saver biz fares on that exact flight (Feb 19th) despite it being 100% open. First available saver biz fare (that’s direct from DFW to GRU) is in April. 🙁

  2. I must say…ive become a fanatic checker of your site.. Im a medical student in greneda..aa is the only airline that flies here…so i check your site twice daily to see if there are ever any mile deals…mr. Guru if you ever have miles you want to donate…please have a poor medical student in mind 😉

    • @ Mariah – I noticed that too this morning. My reservations were “sticking” over the weekend, but now they’re not.

      Maybe @Jason is right and it’s an upgrade “in process”.

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