Business ExtrAA News: No More Reservation Fees

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Now this isn’t something that happens very often: an airline fee gets eliminated. You can now book American’s Business ExtrAA flight awards with no service charges:

Effective October 8, 2012 Business ExtrAA members are no longer required to pay the Reservation Service Charge when booking Business ExtrAA flight award reservations. As we continue to improve our program, you will see more benefits that make your Business ExtrAA membership more rewarding.

American’s Business ExtrAA is a loyalty program that allows businesses to earn points for company travel that can be redeemed for flights, upgrades, Elite status, Admirals Club memberships, and other awards.

Employees still earn their full, individual AAdvantage credit for their travel and if you’re a business owner or your self employed, it’s a great way to double-dip and earn both points and miles.

Business ExtrAA awards have to be redeemed over the phone, and until recently, the telephone reservation fee was $25.

It’s always seemed like a flaw that they didn’t just waive the fee, or provide an online alternative that would give you a way to avoid the $25 charge.

Not only is it nice to see them improve an already good program, it’s kind of cool that I’ve seen that rarest of events: an airline fee that goes away!

Go here for complete details.

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  1. You Are = you’re, not your!!!!

    “if you’re a business owner or your self employed” Seriously? You used it correctly and incorrectly in the same sentence!

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