Beware Fake American Airlines Instagram Account Promising Free Tickets

(July 1, 2013 Update: I noticed a huge spike in Google traffic to this page from people looking for info regarding an American Airlines Instagram promotion.  Warning, there’s another new scam claiming to offer the first 25,000 Instagram followers a free ticket.  

American posted a warning yesterday on Twitter.  

The scammers are using several fake accounts, such as @aapromoflight, @aapromo, @aapromooffer, @aapromotion, @aapromoverified, and @aaflightsweepstakes

The real American Airlines Instagram account can be found at  

Currently, there aren’t any  Instagram promotions from American, but any future promotions will be offered under their official @AmericanAir username.)  


(November 6 Update: the scammers posing as American Airlines have been shut down.  You can find the REAL American Airlines on Instagram by searching  for username AmericanAir.)  American has a fairly new presence on the social photo sharing site Instagram, and it seems that scammers are just as quick to embrace new technologies and platforms.

Someone has set up a fake American Airlines Instagram account promising followers a free ticket just for being one of the first 10,000 to follow by Nov. 7. Here’s a look:

Fake American Airlines Instagram


You can find the real American Airlines on Instagram as AmericanAir, here’s a look at their info:

Real American Airlines Instagram


Other than attracting followers, I’m not sure what the scammers hope to gain: beyond whatever info is in your profile, no personal information is exchanged when you follow someone.

American isn’t the only airline with a fake Instagram counterpart, Delta and Southwest have fakers too.

According to the Twin Cities Business Journal, the fake Delta account had more than 21,000 subscribers with promises of a free ticket – which is absolutely nuts!  It’s tough enough to get a “free” ticket on Delta with miles! Not sure how anyone fell for that one.

Now if I saw a Delta Instagram account that promised a Free Ticket (with a $350 co-pay, that can’t be used on premium class or international travel, excludes May through April travel, and fees must be charged to Delta branded AMEX card) – that I would believe!


  1. I don’t know how Instagram works, but I know that on Facebook a lot of times spammers will try to get a lot of “likes” for a page which they can then sell to someone (or a company) who can then re-brand it as their own page and say that they’ve got XX fans on Facebook.

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