Behind that Scenes TV at one of American’s Hubs: Airport 24/7 Miami

Last week was the premier for a new program from The Travel Channel: Airport 24/7 Miami. It’s a behind the scenes look at Miami International Airport.

This isn’t just any reality TV show. The producer is Chris Sloan, the aviation enthusiast behind the Airchive (probably the largest collection of timetables, route maps, and other aviation memorabilia available online), so it’s the kind of show that you’d expect from a “real” airplane aficionado.

It doesn’t focus on American, or any one airline or group of people, and it’s not a “this is how an airport works” kind of series either. It’s more like a day in the life of MIA.

Here’s a look at promo.

It’s a fascinating show and has all the elements of great television: drama, humor, crime, happy endings, even geeky stuff like airplanes getting parking tickets.

You might not earn any AAdvantage Miles, but it’s definitely worth watching.

It airs tonight and every Tuesday on the Travel Channel at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Go here for more info.


  1. I watched last week, and I really enjoyed the show. Back the day the BBC had a show called “Airport” (I think) about LHR that was similar and really great. I wonder if reruns are playing anywhere.

    • @ Scott – Thanks for the comment. I really enjoyed it too. I hope they have a long run and get a chance to expand the concept to other airports. I’d love to watch Airport 24/7: DFW! 🙂

      By the way, I think I remember the same BBC series. Was this it?

      BBC Documentary Airline – The Inside Story Of British Airways

      I saw it back in the early 90s and it made quite an impression. Even now, it comes to minde when I think of BA.

  2. I haven’t seen tonight’s episode yet (DVR’d) but I really enjoyed the 2 episodes last week. I think it’s incredibly interesting.

  3. I was disappointed at all the scenes of the A330 landing with hydraulic problems – that was no A330 (until it landed). The near riot at the ticket counter was something!

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