A Business ExtrAA Contest Video submitted by a Nudist Resort

Last Friday I offered a reader giveaway with a winner being selected in a random drawing on Monday morning. Well, it’s already Monday morning (wow, the weekend went by quickly) and the results are in:

Random number = 27

Congratulations go to The Traveler!!  You’re the lucky winner of an AAdvantage logo pencil cup and a 10% AA discount code.

Thanks to a reader for sharing an extra discount code (thanks WIS!) and the AAdvantage folks for providing the pencil cup!  And thanks to everyone that participated!

Speaking of giveaways, Monday’s Frugal Travel Guy Deal of the Day is sponsored by AAdvantage. So go here to share you favorite American Airlines related advice for a chance to win 2,5000 AAdvantage Miles!

Last Friday, The Weekly Flyer had a great post reminding readers about the American Airlines Business ExtrAA “Flights. Camera. Action.” video contest.  The promotion offers small businesses a chance to win free travel:

Upload a short video to American Airlines telling them how the connections you make through travel help your business soar – and you might win up to 80 round-trip tickets for your company and exposure to thousands of potential customers.

The first round is about to end, and soon 27 videos will be selected to advance to the next round and viewers will get a chance to vote and help select nine finalists.

The deadline to enter is coming up on August 10.

Last year, there were several interesting submissions: some from mobile app developers, a company that specializes in gondola tours, film production companies, non-profits, even a company that sells a kit so that you can grow your own mushrooms using recycled coffee grounds.

One video that you didn’t see last year was this submission from a nudist resort in Palm Springs, California.  I came across it while I was looking for some vacation ideas material for the blog.

(Faced with the choice between covering the 1,500  bonus AAdvantage Miles offer from FTD or nudity, I asked myself “what would  a cable news executive do”….)

Actually, there’s no nudity in the video, thought not surprisingly it still didn’t make the finals.  The owner of the Terra Cotta Inn writes:

We have always said that nudist resorts need to start acting mainstream to be more accepted in America and this TV commercial is a start.

Well sadly our commercial was not selected. We saw many of the semi finalists and most were not of the quality of ours. So share this with all your nudist friends, facebook friends, etc. Let the world know that nude recreation is very popular and let American Airlines know that they should have approved this entry for their contest instead of being so afraid of nudist resorts.

They also invite anyone that has a good idea for “mainstreaming nude recreation in America” to contact them.  I can think of a couple of things they might try: offer AAdvantage Miles with each stay, or maybe invite Loyalty Travler out for a review!


  1. Thanks for showing our video. Yes, it is I the gentleman in the video. In entering the contest, AA made it clear what they wanted people to save, subject matter they wanted covered, etc. They made it clear they take flying seriously, so we didn’t try to make anything fun like a Southwest Airline ad. Thanks for posting this.

    And nude recreation is becomeing more mainstream. I now write for Huffington Post Travel. Here’s a link to my blog posts there: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tom-mulhall/

    I hope to meet you someday. Tom

    • @ IP Brian – Thanks for the comment!

      @ Tom Mulhall – You did a really nice job of the video. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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