Video: Installing Wi-Fi on an American Airlines 737

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I don’t know the percentage of planes in American’s fleet that have Wi-Fi installed, but by the end of 2012 they plan to have it installed on more than 400 aircraft. And as they take delivery of more than 450 planes the next few years, almost all of them will get fitted with wireless systems. I know that most of the domestic flights I’ve been on this year have offered Wi-Fi. Coming soon: Wi-Fi on trans-Atlantic flights!

Geek Beat TV posted this video that gives you a look look at the process of installing Wi-Fi on a newly delivered Boeing 737. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



  1. It seems like a partnership between Boeing and GoGo would cut the cost of wi-fi installation dramatically…install the GoGo equipment during the construction of the aircraft, not later.

  2. I was actually at AA’s hangar #5 last monday and they were fitting the wi-fi kit into the first 757. They had done a prototype of the 757 and after all approvals this one “5CC” was the first one to roll in and out. They were given 8 days to turn the first one around due to a lerning curve but were expected to have on average no more than 3 days to do it from here forward. Pretty cool how all the items necessary for the fit come in a rolling container with small boxes specifically labeled and even wires cut to fit. It’s an expensive puzzle per say. Great video and thanks for sharing!

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