Count the rows on your next flight: American testing Main Cabin Extra seats

Take a look at this seat map of American Airlines flight 924 from Medellin to Miami:

MDE to MIA with Main Cabin Extra


Now take a look at this one from AA 1478 from Miami to Montreal:

MIA to YUL without Main Cabin Extra


Do you notice a difference?

They’re both 737-800s, in fact they’re the same plane (tail number N861NN), but the first image is missing row 7. That’s because ExpertFlyer is displaying it with American’s new Main Cabin Extra premium economy configuration.

According to JonNYC over at the Traveling Better Forum, American has started testing aircraft with the new Main Cabin Extra seats on various routes. Here’s look at the last few flights for N861NN.

American Airlines N861NN 738


These are test flights, so they have an erratic schedule and are subject to last minute changes. According to JonNYC:

This prototype will only appear within 8 hours of departure. During this 8 hour window, customers on this airplane will not be able to add/change/delete pre-reserved seat assignments.

Here’s a look at a 767-300 (tail number N352AA) that doesn’t display the new Main Cabin Extra configuration. It’s a flight from Miami to Bogata.

BOG to MIA without Main Cabin Extra


And here’s the same aircraft without Main Cabin Extra seat map: notice row 10 is missing.

MIA to BOG with Main Cabin Extra


Main Cabin Extra will have 4 to 6 inches of extra room. AAdvantage members with elite status will be able to reserve these seats at not charge and everyone else will be able to purchase them for $8 to $108 (the cost is based upon the length fo the flight).

Anyway, you can follow the discussion over at Traveling Better.

Next time you’re on a flight, count the rows: you may be on a test flight. I’m eager to test Main Cabin Extra, I’d even give up an upgrade to to try it out.

The first person to send me a photo of the new seats that I can use on the blog will get an AAdvantage coffee tumbler!


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