Netflix News: Earn 2,500 AAdvantage Miles and go Behind the Scenes at American Airlines

It’s back (though I’m not sure that it ever went away) but Netflix is offering a new 2,500 AAdvantage Miles promotion to new customers.

Watch TV episodes & movies and earn AAdvantage miles!

• Bonus offer! Earn 2500 American Airlines AAdvantage miles when you become a paying member of Netflix.
• Instantly watch TV episodes & movies streaming over the Internet right on your TV.
• Plus, you can also watch instantly on your computer too!

Offer Terms and Conditions:

• Offer is valid to new Netflix subscribers only.
• Current and previous members are ineligible.
• One redemption per household.
• Miles will be awarded for a new paid subscription only and require, at time of sign up, linking directly from this page and entering a valid American Airlines AAdvantage number.
• Please allow 8-10 weeks for mileage postings.
• Purchase or redemption of gift subscriptions is not eligible to earn miles.

If you’re already a Netflix customer, here’s something that you might enjoy. It’s CNBC’s original Inside American Airlines: A Week In The Life documentary series.  


It aired in 2006 and it just became available for streaming.  Obviously much has changed in six years, but operationally it’s still much the same and it’s fascinating to watch.

Go here to preview Inside American Airlines: A Week In The Life.  Go here to sign up for the Netflix offer.


  1. On the site, it only shows 1,500 miles for Netflix signup. Is there a promo code or a link that you can provide? Thanks!

    • Hi Paul – Just click the link fromt the text “Go here to sign up for the Netflix offer”, that should take you to the 2,500 miles signup page. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Hi, I open one month ago a new Netflix account and 2 days ago I paid the first month, by using the auto-payment. The payment is by my “AA Citi Mastercard”.
    Is there any possibility to have these miles as well?

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