Earn AAdvantage Miles on Bigger Planes: American adds more 767 Domestic Service

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Now that the public service portion is over, here’s the topic of the day:  American Airlines is adding more big planes in the air.  

Let’s start the topic with with a look at this cool computer animated video that was created by Ken Jensen, a high school student in Denmark.  

It’s an American Airlines 767 taking off from Newark.  

I’m impressed.

American recently published an updated schedule of domestic wide-body service.   Los Angeles and Miami gets the most new wide-body service, while flights between Boston and Los Angeles, and flights between San Francisco and Miami, are each going away. 

 Here’s a little anomaly: there’s one Boeing 763 flight traveling in each direction between Orlando and Miami.   At 192 miles each way, it has to be one of the shortest AA routes served by a wide-body aircraft. 

Here’s a look at the changes

 These flights have been eliminated:

BOS to LAX:  AA145 – 763 Discontinued

LAX to BOS: AA222 – 763 Discontinued

MIA to SFO: AA431- 763 Discontinued

SFO to MIA AA442 – 763 Discontinued

And these have been added to the schedule:

HNL to LAX: AA270 – 763 Daily

HNL to LAX: AA162 – 763 Daily

JFK to SFO: AA17 – 762 Daily

LAX to HNL: AA31 – 763 Daily

 LAX to HNL: AA267 – 763 Daily

 LAX to MIA: AA252  – 763 Daily

 LAX to MIA: AA276 – 763 Daily

 MCO to MIA: AA1593 – 763 Daily

 MIA to LAX: AA203 – 763 Daily

 MIA to LAX: AA271 – 763 Daily

 MIA to MCO: AA1860 – 763 Daily


I’m a big fan of big planes, so I like to see them on the schedule.

But now for a little whining…..This is the portion of the post where I lament the loss of the 777 service between DFW and ORD.  I miss that flight.

Anyway, go here to see the complete second quarter wide-body domestic schedule in Google Docs.  






  1. Interesting, but I have a question.

    If they’re adding 2 daily 763 flights LAX-HNL, but only 1 HNL-LAX, what happens to the extra plane in HNL?

  2. @ Monster – Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I overlooked AA162 in the spreadsheet. I appreciate you bringing it to my attention!

  3. The MCO to MIA flight via AA.com seems to be a 757. All daily flights appear to be a 757 or 738. Is the 767 flight seasonal?

  4. @ Jay – I wonder why the smaller plane in June? I just assumed that traffic to Orlando was pretty steady from about Spring Break through the end of the Summer.

    Interesting, thanks for the info and the followup!

  5. Great post. Do you know how the new flights are configured? AA’s 763 DFW-HNL has been the only Hawaii flight with international business class seats (at least since they dropped the ORD-HNL flight). Would be nice if the same configuration hit a few more routes.

  6. @ The Weekly Flyer – Same here! But the question is…would you burn a 500 mile upgrade?

    @ Brad – Now that they’ve discontinued the SFO/HNL and ORD/HNL routes, I think that all their 767s flight to HNL are fitted with the Next Gen Business Class seat that you find on international flights. Thanks for asking (and reading)!

  7. I got lucky and have two trips into HNL in the next two months. 2 out of 4 flights were subbed with 767s, so that’s a plus.

    Not sure if this is implied in the comments by aadvantagegeek and Brad, but ORD-HNL is still on the schedule, it’s just seasonal. June 14 – August 20th.

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