Even an AAdvantage Geek will miss the Delta Safety Video

I don’t fly Delta very often, but when I do I always enjoy the flight: I like that they serve Coke Zero and I’m a big fan of their Biscoff cookie.

Something else I enjoy, in a weird sort of way, is their safety video. If you’re a Delta flyer, then you’ll know what I’m talking about, and if you’re not familiar with the video….well, it’s not easy to describe.  Take a look:

The woman is Delta flight attendent Katherine Lee, otherwise known as Deltalina to her many Delta fans. She looks like a super model and she’s able to deliver the line “A water evacuation is also unlikely, but just in case” so pleasantly, that touching down the ocean sounds like fun.   Not surprisingly, the video has a cult like following among the Delta Points types.

I’m a fan too.

I was skimming through Google reader the other day and happend to see this thread in the Delta forum at FlyerTalk:

New DL Safety Video

My reaction?  Say it isn’t so!!!

The first time I saw this video I was struck by how bizarre it is; it’s like watching a David Lynch film.  There are all these little odd and memorable moments.  Ignoring it isn’t easy, and it’s hard not to like. Here are a few of the details I always notice:

Premium class passenger tapping his toe.


Red exit lights: The second rule of surviving a robot uprising teaches us to beware the glowing, red eyes.  There’s something a little unsettling by the way the red light activate, especially with the music. If the plane goes down in water, then it might be a fight to get the floating seat cushion away from the seat.


You’re reminded to keep your seatbelt fastened, and there’s even a little turbulence in this scene.   The guy looking up at the “fasten seat belt sign” has the classic disaster movie expression on his face.   Maybe his fellow passengers should be more concerned.


The life vest.


And then there’s “The Sparkle”.  A little bit of humor in this odd spot, or an odd bit of humor in a little spot.


And now, the two most memorable scenes in the video,

Exit rows:


And the climax:  Smooooking is noooooot alloooowed!


It’s hard to imagine any sequel being as good is this.


  1. Although I don’t get excited about the Coke Zero, I love the Biscoff cookies – Looking forward to US Airways Grand Slam in the fall so I have an excuse to order some.

    • @ PointsCashMiles – What a great strategy! I’m always looking for a good excuse to order the Biscoffs!! 😀

  2. A worthy effort, but they still can’t hide the fact that you will be crammed in an uncomfortable seat, breathing stale air, with no food unless you want to mortgage the farm, and experiencing bathrooms so small you almost can’t turn around in them.

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