Lego Man uses a weather balloon to become the 11th Canadian in space

Lego Man has now joined ten other Canadian astronauts and become the eleventh Canadian in Space.

Two teenagers from Canada spent the last four months working on a project to send a Lego man 80,000 feet up into the near space region of the Earth’s atmosphere (that’s 24,384 m for you Canadians).

According the the Toronto Star, Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad used about $400, a home-made parachute, a GPS receiver, and a weather balloon to accomplish it.

To record the event they attached a camera to Lego Man and filmed the entire 97 minute journey into space. Here’s a short highlight video they put together.

They’re promising more video soon of the building process, launch, flight, and retrieval.

Go here to watch the Toronto Star interview and see some more footage.

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  1. @ Kevincm – Wow, thanks for sharing. I watched the video of the Vulture 1 falling from the sky. Cool!

    Poor Lego Man, He’s Buzz Aldrin to Playmobilenaut’s Neil Armstrong.

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