Calculate your AAdvantage Cost per Mile in Safari, Chrome, or Firefox

Screen shot of the AA CPM Google Chrome Extension


Back in January, I came across AA CPM Extension.  It’s this really useful Google Chrome extension that calculates your Cents per Mile (CPM)  when you’re searching through flights on so that you’ll earn the most AAdvantage Miles for your dollar.

It’s not from American Airlines.  It’s free and was developed by travel enthusiast Kyle Duarte and since releasing the Chrome extension, he’s also released free versions for Safari and Firefox.

Cents per mile (CPM) is a common indicator of good value for the frequent flier community when purchasing airline tickets. This extension will compute the CPM for the cheapest economy fares listed on American Airlines’ Price & Schedule matrix at

To install it or to find out more information just visit his Flyer Tool site.  From there you’ll also find his oneworld Lounge Access Wizard, which is a helpful online tool that will help you determine if you qualify for access to the Admirals Club or a oneworld partner lounge when traveling on American or one of the other oneworld carriers.  


  1. Did not realize I would have lounge access for my upcoming trip until I checked the wizard … highlight of my day!

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