Follow up to the Conversation with Milepoint Forum Members and AAdvantage President Maya Leibman

It was a big event last month when AAdvantage Program President, May Leibman participated in the first ever “A Conversation with…” online meeting with Milepoint Forum members that was moderated by Milepoint (and Flyertalk) founder, Randy Peterson. It was a great opportunity to have someone from the executive team at American speak about the AAdvantage program and to actually engage with members directly. Up till now, the postion has been pretty low profile, but Ms Leibman has really gone out of the way to change that and to connect with customers when given the opportunity.

The event lasted only an hour and there were far more member submitted questions than she could possibly have answered in that time, and yesterday she posted responses to some of the questions that she received but didn’t get time to answer. You can read the full transcript here.

You can go here to find out more about the Conversation with Maya Leibman.  You can find her additional responses here.

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