An interesting analysis of Mileage Running

“Mileage Run” Credit: NBC Today Show

Busy with a project so just a short update. Working on a news roundup for Friday that will include oneworld announcements from the IATA General Meeting in Singapore, news about upgrades of American’s fleet and their onboard technologies, and for Thursday a post about some AAdvantage offers.

But for today’s post, I thought I’d bring to your attention and interesting article I came across from a fairly new blog that’s worth bookmarking: Million Mile Secrets. The author, Daraius Dubash, has a very interesting analysis of mileage running (taking a cheap flight just for the miles) and comes to the conclusion that for most people, it doesn’t make sense. This is counter to what you usually read at most of the other travel blogs, so even if you disagree, he makes some valid points about some of the other costs that you should consider when you’re calculating your cost per mile.

I don’t really cover credit card offers, just because they’re always changing, many of them are targeted, and while I have my share of AAdvantage Miles earning cards from Citi Cards, there are other sites that already do a great job of writing about those  credit card offers. If you’re interested, read this piece about some very  good Citi offers while your at Million Mile Secrets.

I don’t do mileage runs simply because I have to travel often enough as it is and I don’t have much free time. I do confess though that when planning a trip, if I can earn extra miles by making a connection or flying a circuitous route and the fare difference isn’t too great, I’ll do it. And I’m also guilty of letting mileage offers influence my decision to travel. For example, I went out to LA for a meeting that I otherwise would have skipped partly because of the Double AAdvantage Miles – Double Elite Qualifying Miles offer.

If I had more time though, traveling and earning more miles for more travel would be a great hobby and I’d be tempted to taking up mileage running.  Maybe one of these days….

Anyway, go here to read his piece.  If you collect  Priority Club credits make sure you read this while you’re at Million Mile Secrets.

Do you have a view one way or the other about the value of mileage runs? Leave a comment and share your views.


  1. That’s ME on the video! A couple of friends wanted to see it, and this is the first “site” that shows up when I googled it! Wow, what memories….

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