Admirals Club members can now access Alaska Airlines Board Room lounges in Portland, Seattle and Anchorage

Self-Serve Pancakes!
“Self-serve pancakes” Photo credit: Megan Coughlin on Flickr

American Airlines and codeshare partner Alaska Airlines continue to expand their relationship and have announced that Admirals Club members will now be able to access Alaska Airlines Board Room lounges in Portland, Seattle and Anchorage when traveling on flights operated and marketed by American Airlines in these cities:

Your Admirals Club membership now extends your lounge access benefits beyond the network of 42 Admirals Club locations and 37 Qantas Club locations to include three more cities as part of a new arrangement with Alaska Airlines. You now have access to Alaska Airlines Board Room locations in Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; and Anchorage, AK.

Access will be granted by presenting a valid Admirals Club membership card along with a same day ticket/boarding pass on a flight operated and marketed by American Airlines. Additionally, two guests or immediate family members traveling with you are welcome at no additional charge.

Two cool benefits of visiting the Board Room lounges: rather than being limited to one guest Admirals Club rule, you’re allow to bring two guest with you and fresh pancakes. Alaska Airlines installed self-serve pancake machines from Seattle manufacturer ChefStack in their lounges so that visitors have a hot breakfast option in the mornings.

At the bottom of their announcement, American adds this note:

We are working to include even more locations in an expanded lounge access program exclusive for Admirals Club members so stay tuned for additional details coming soon.

Hopefully that will include shared lounge access with British Airways, Iberia, JAL, Cathay Pacific and their other oneworld partners.

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  1. I was refused access today (Sept 2011)to the Seatac Alaska AIrlines lounge even though I purchased an AA flight on the AA website. Reason was that it was an AA codeshare flight with Alaska AIr (I even paid a premium above the Alaska airlines fare to book an AA flight number & get miles credit). Apparently this has been the case for many years according to some of the traveler blogs I have read today while spending 2 hours at the gate instead of the lounge – so not sure what has changed. Very disappointing and makes no sense, since AA does not fly their own planes to Seattle or back to my home town – all the AA flights are codeshare. Worst part was that when the AA rep transferred my call to Alaska air so I could get an Alaska Air conf number and check in (since AA only gave me an AA conf number when I booked online), the Alaska agent confirmed that I would have access to their Alaska lounge.

  2. I was refused access in Seattle with my Admiral’s Club membership today (October 2011) because I was on a Horizon flight that wasn’t codeshare. No win either way apparently.

  3. I am long time EXP and hold admirals club and held boardroom for 5 years until it made no sense (early flights and now mutual benefits).:)

    You can still access Board Room for a bit of cash, $45, (was $15 CAN in Vancouver, now gone:(. So for 2 hours of avoiding the terminal noise and 3 drinks and unlimited snacks/pancakes etc, it really pays for itself. Free internet is a wash in SEA since you get terminal internet for free but other places, free internet is an added bonus.

    • Hi Kevin – You make a good point. It’s a pretty good value when you consider the benefits. Especially when you’re waiting out a weather delay.

      By the way, I got to try the pancake machine the other day and was impressed! 🙂

  4. This is a little false. You can only access the Boatd Room as an Admirals Club member only if you are flying American. If you are flying Alaska and are an Admirals Club member, no go. Even if you have booked the Alaska flight through American, does not matter. I can’t figure it out either.

  5. This is not true. I was denied access today in PDX even though I had a valid American Airlines Admirals Club card and was flying out on American Airlines flight AA6865, which is a codeshare flight operated by Alaska Air as their flight 562. The desk clerk kept telling me that unless I was connecting to another American flight the same day American wouldn’t honor it. As such they, Alaska Board room, wouldn’t let me in. My next monthly flights to LAX will be on United as a result. Both American Airlines and Alaska Air have lost my business.

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