Use Go Airport Express shuttle service in Chicago and earn AAdvantage Miles

Chicago Skyline
“Chicago Skyline” Photo credit: Ian Freimuth on Flickr

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It’s been a crazy fews days of weather and if you’re traveling to or through Dallas or Chicago, check your flight status. American had to cancel a number of flights in order to inspect more than 60 aircraft for hail damage. Additionally, they’re also allowing passengers scheduled to travel to, from or through DFW or ORD to make changes to their tickets without charge.  Go here to read about this travel policy.

Here’s the story of how a missed connection in DFW turned out to be a good thing for Dallas Morning News and Airline Biz Blog reporter Terry Maxon. His family was making a connection in Dallas, but due to a delayed flight, they weren’t home when their house was struck by a tornado.

Anyway, back to the topic of AAdvantage Miles….

If you’re live in Chicago or if you’re traveling to Chicago, you can earn AAdvantage Miles with Go Airport Express airport shuttle service when you join their loyalty program:

Earn one American Airlines AAdvantage mile for every dollar you spend.

Now you can accumulate miles just by signing up for the Preferred Rider program. New members, select “Join Today”, create a profile, select the ”Choose Rewards” Tab and choose American Airlines AAdvantage from the drop down list. Existing members, log in, select the “edit/view account” button, select the ”Choose Rewards” tab, then either American or United from the drop down list and add your mileage number.

To learn more about earning AAdvantage Miles from Go Airport Express, go here. To join their Preferred Rider program and start earning miles, go here.

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