American Airlines Vacations Promotion

American Airlines Vacations just launched a new scratch-off promotion that offers players a discount and a chance to win a vacation:

Plan Now for Big Savings and Enter for a Chance to Win a Dream Vacation!

Click and drag the coin across the game card to reveal vacation package savings of up to 10%! Match any three offers and with that offer.

Then, register to receive your promotion code and you’ll also be entered for a chance to win a dream vacation!

Hint: If you don’t like the scratch-off results, just refresh the page and play again.

The prize is a $5,000 electronic gift certificate issued by American Airlines to be used toward an AA Vacation package purchase. All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. Central on September 21, 2012. Go here to read the rules and go to to enter.

Reader Giveaway

Speaking of winning stuff….here’s your chance to win an American Airlines Amenity Kit and a 10% discount code you can use to save money on your next ticket purchase!

American Airlines Amenity Kit


The discount code is courtesy a reader who had a spare (thanks WIS!), and the amenity kit is my own. It’s brand new and still sealed in the plastic.

Next time you’re in coach, pull out the kit and it’ll be just like sitting in First Class (minus the extra room, warm nuts, baked on board cookie, and butter mint).

The other day I mentioned that American was nominated for two awards in the Annual SimpliFlying Excellence in Social Media Awards. They’re among the finalist in two categories:

Best Airline in Social Media

Best Use of Social Media to Drive Customer Service

Voting runs though August 25, and if you haven’t already voted, you can go here to cast your ballot.

To enter my Reader Giveaway, all you have to do is correctly guess who I voted for in the Best Airline in Social Media category and leave your answer in the comments section.

Monday, I’ll have a random drawing from among all the correct answers and will announce a winner.  One entry per person. The deadline to enter is Sunday, August 19, at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

Good luck, don’t forget to vote, and have a great weekend!!

  • Matt said,

    I’ll go out on a limb and say AA…

  • Craig said,

    American Airlines

  • Nik said,

    I’ll join you on that limb — clearly American.

  • Dan said,

    Taking a risk and going AA

  • Vivek D said,

    This is a really tough question but i am guessing American Airlines. I hope i am right and win. I collect amenity kits :)

  • Joel S said,

    Definitely AA

  • ari said,


  • Wis said,

    Maybe AA ? I would like to play only for the amenity kit also 😉

  • KJM said,

    American Airlines

  • Marc W said,

    Sleeper pick…American Airlines!

  • GiddyforPoints said,

    American Airlines :)

  • Charlotte said,

    American Airlines !

  • Liz T said,

    Maybe American Airlines?

  • Pointasaurus said,

    American Airlines

  • Perryplatypus said,

    American Airlines

  • Dave W said,

    American Airlines

  • Greg Lee said,

    American Airlines

  • Lance said,

    I guess, maybe, American Airlines

  • Fábio Vilela said,

    American Airlines, I guess.

  • tiffany said,

    let’s be different…jet blue?

  • Joel said,

    Let’s see…you probably voted for American Airlines. That’s my vote, too.

  • Paolo said,

    American Airlines, of course.

  • Joseph said,

    AA :-)

  • TerryH said,


  • Patrick said,

    United? Kidding, I’ll join the masses out on that limb and say @AmericanAir!

  • laurent said,

    Would it be AA by any chance?

  • mike said,

    Too easy.. AA all the way!
    I just got mine on F NYC-LHR

  • SF said,

    Ummm AA?

  • Chris said,

    hmm….. AA.

  • Chris said,

    American Airlines!

  • Terry said,

    Could it be American Airlines? Just a wild guess..

  • James said,

    AA? But that’s a shot in the dark for sure…

  • Natalie said,

    American Airlines? Wont we all look really silly if it’s a different airline?

  • Phil Gold said,

    American Airlines

  • snuggliestbear said,

    I think you voted for AA.

  • airshadow said,

    American Airlines!

  • Naif said,


  • Bob M said,

    you voted AA!

  • NC said,

    American Airlines

  • FlyerM said,


  • Alissa said,

    American Airlines

  • W Brian Duncan (aka IPBrian) said,

    I might guess you voted for American Airlines.

  • Kenny said,

    spun the wheel and landed on AA

  • Joel said,

    American Airlines.

  • JamesP said,

    Ahhhhh American Airlines

  • ac said,


  • Chanel B. said,

    American Airlines … just a guess…

  • Joey m said,

    Il say AA

  • Marcia said,


  • Alex said,

    AA and AA!

  • Lina said,


  • BunMama said,

    I’m thinking American Airlines

  • SCOTT said,

    American Airlines

  • Adam said,

    Yea… I think you voted for American Airlines. 😉

  • Luis A. said,

    I think you went random with American Airlines

  • Alex said,

    AAm gonna say it was uhmurrikin

  • FEV said,

    OK – I’ll go with … American Airlines

  • Ivan said,

    I’d guess, AA & AA, considering United’s social media is used more to put out fires than it is for marketing and promotions these days.

  • reb said,

    hm…. I say AA.

  • Maggie said,


  • Mary Elizabeth said,

    Just a total guess…AA!?!

  • Isaac said,


  • FellowTraveller said,


  • TAPjr said,


  • Phil said,


  • Jean said,

    American Airlines!

  • Andy O said,

    American Airlines

  • Jeff W said,

    American Airlines :)

  • Jen said,

    Guessing American Airlines

  • Sebastian P. said,

    American Airlines !

  • Rebecca D. said,

    Um, I’ll go with American!

  • Len said,

    American Airlines!

  • AC said,

    American Airline…that’s my final answer.

  • James H said,

    American Airlines

  • Julie said,

    American Airlines

  • Poobr said,

    American airlines

  • Kris Ziel said,


  • James said,

    AA, no wait, AA!

  • Jon said,

    COuld it be American Airlines?

  • Abhishek Duggal said,


  • Kevy said,

    You voted for AA, which I did as well!

  • Cathy said,

    American airlines

  • Bill F said,

    How about AA

  • Nevets said,


  • Nathan said,


  • Ryan said,

    I’ll throw in a vote for AA!

  • Don said,

    A wild guess…American.

  • Jon said,


  • Scott said,

    I would have to think AA.

  • Shira said,

    AA for sure.

  • tina said,


  • Lisa said,


  • Dan said,


  • Michael said,

    I’m guessing American Airlines.

  • Max M said,

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say American Airlines. 😉

  • Candice said,


  • Courtney said,


  • Laura V. said,

    American Airlines!

  • kman said,


  • Lynne P said,

    American Airlines

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