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Lego Man uses a weather balloon to become the 11th Canadian in space

Lego Man has now joined ten other Canadian astronauts and become the eleventh Canadian in Space. Two teenagers from Canada spent the last four months working on a project to send a Lego man 80,000 feet up into the near space region of the Earth’s atmosphere (that’s 24,384 m for you Canadians). According the the Toronto…

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Al Roker and Alex Van Halen: Two celebrities and one American Airlines first class seat.

The New York Post has a Page 6 report about an incident that happened onboard an American Airlines flight from LAX to JFK. It might be a little extreme, but if I was Tom Horton, the new CEO or American Airlines, I’d probably just ban celebrities.  There was the Alec Baldwin incident, as well as…

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Weekly World News reports Tyler Perry has purchased American Airlines

  The Weekly World News, the former newsstand tabloid turned online tabloid, is reporting this bit of news: Wealthy actor-director Tyler Perry has made an attractive offer for American Airlines.  The offer, said to be near $5 billion dollars, was quickly accepted by the airline. His plans: Perry, the creator of the “Madea” character and…

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Woman sues American Airlines and Sky Chefs claiming that there was a lizard in her meal

Lizard on a stick at the Wangfujing, Night Market by adamclyde on Flickr While I’m trying to resist the urge to write something snarky, I will say that the lizard can’t possibly be any worse tasting than the three-meat sandwich.  Anyway, this item from the Gothamist: Woman Sues American Airlines Over Alleged Lizard in Meal…

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Before iPhones and checked luggage fees, American Airlines had actual ticket offices in Dallas and Fort Worth

Back in the days before we printed  tickets with our inkjet printers or could have a QR Code boarding pass sent to our iPhones, American Airlines had actual ticket offices all over the world. Starting in the late 80’s, when I was a young adult, I’d grab system timetables every time I flew or went…

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New York Times artist Christoph Niemann illustrates his flight from New York to Berlin

I did this flight myself back in May.  Because of the volcanic eruption in Iceland, the plane had to fly a far north route over Greenland, adding almost three hours to the trip.  It was a very long flight. Take a look at Christoph Niemann’s flight diary.  I can relate to many of his observations,…

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