AA Website Trick: Print Inflight Receipts

Looking to impress your friends or add a bar room trick to your repertoire?  Or maybe you just want to show off to the accounting department.

Here’s how you can retrieve a copy of a receipt for an inflight purchase.

Go to AA.com/receipts.

How to retrieve inflight receipts on American Airlines


Submit the the required info (flight number is optional)

Receipt form from American's website


And wait for your results.

Screenshot from AA.com


There’s even an option to print a copy.

Receipt for an inflight purchase


It doesn’t display Gogo Wi-Fi purchases, but it works for any transaction processed by a flight attendant.

Never again will your Fruit and Nut Mix purchase go unreimbursed!


  1. I used AA.com to try to retrieve my receipt for a meal I paid with my credit card on board AA34 on 20th May 2015 as directed by the flight attendant. Last 4 digits of my credit card is 9505. However, I there was no such record found.

    • Hi Paul,

      My experience has been that it can sometime take a few days for the transaction to post. Did you ever retrieve your receipt?

  2. No, always got a negative message that search could not be found. Gave up and will not be using this function or purchasing anything else on board if use AA again.

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