Happy EXP writes a poem for the @AmericanAir team

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the @AmericanAir Twitter team. They do an amazing job of delivering real-time customer service and they do it with cheer, grace, and humor, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I think they’re awesome, and others agree. They’ve won awards for their customer service, articles have been written about the work they do, happy passengers sing their praises on Facebook and Twitter, and they’ve even had customers send them chocolates and flowers.

And now they’ve even had a poem dedicated to them!

Blogger, and oneworld Award expert, Destination David is traveling to India next month. Just a few days ago he realized that his AAdvantage Executive Platinum card was missing, and with a connection in London, he knew that it might be a problem.

The staff at the British Airways lounge are notorious for denying entry if you don’t have your oneworld elite status card. It doesn’t matter that your status is printed on the boarding pass, if you don’t have your card, you’re not getting in.

David called the Executive Platinum line and explained his situation to the EXP agent.  She said that with the end of the years so near, she wasn’t able to send out a new card in time for his trip.

So David reached out the @AmericanAir team, and (not surprisingly) they came through.  This week he receive a replacement AAdvantage Executive Platinum card.

He was so happy that he wrote a poem about “How @AmericanAir Saved Christmas” and posted it on his blog.

This is just a sample.

Oh Parker! Oh Horton! Oh Leibman and Rubin!

I beseech you, don’t leave me with no lounge to snooze in!

Go here to read it.  It’s too good to miss!

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  1. How fun, and nicely written. I could never imagine that UA would ever get such a happy response from a frequent flyer. Well done AA!

  2. During the past several years, only once have I been asked to show my card at an LHR BA lounge. Boarding passes have always been enough. Just for everybody’s info.

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