Video: Sneak peek at the inside of American’s new A321-Transcon!!

I’m as excited as 12 year old girl with a new pony!!  Finally, after many months of waiting, we get a glimpse at the inside of American’s new A321-Transcon!

Our latest Behind the Scenes @AmericanAir features the cabin design process, highlighting the work involved in creating an industry-leading inflight experience. Also, catch a sneak peek at our 1st class seat on our new Airbus A321 Transcontinental planes.

So what do you think? Excited?

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  1. The new seats and layout look great, but AA (and the vast majority of US carriers) really need to work on their soft product, too. I know it’s like beating a dead horse, but until carriers replace the frumpy, unhappy-to-downright-surly flight attendants across the bulk of America’s fleet, this is just lipstick on a pig. Give me a marginally decent seat with outstanding service over a great seat and a shitty cabin crew any day.

  2. wow!! i have been wanting to see this new plane on the inside. what route does this fly? perhaps the geek would like to go with an old friend on this plane! your friend 747-1A

  3. Since American Airlines wants to show off their new look American must devote their time and modernized their in-flight crew. Honestly they are lazy old old brags. As an EP , I am very disappointed.

  4. How embarrassing for what is to be the world’s largest airline that two people in upper management speak publicly of “aircrafts”.

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