American offers a new way to Boost or Renew your AAdvantage Elite Status

Earlier this year American announced that they were eliminating the traditional soft landing policy for AAdvantage Elites who fail to requalify for status.

So if you’re worried that you might not be able to reach the status finish line for this year, there’s still hope.

American just announced a new way to save (or even boost) your status.

Reaching for elite status

Introducing new ways to meet your elite status goal starting in January
The 2014 AAdvantage elite status qualification year ends on December 31, and we know some of you may not quite reach your goal by the end of the year.

That’s why, starting in January, we’re offering you two ways to elevate your status.

Boost: For the first time ever, if you end the year close to AAdvantage Executive Platinum, Platinum, or Gold status but don’t quite make it, you can boost to the next level.

Renew: If you are an elite status member in 2013 but aren’t able to retain your status by the end of the year, you are eligible for a status renewal.

AAdvantage Gold

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 12.23.30 PM


AAdvantage Platinum



AAdvantage Executive Platinum

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 12.24.04 PM

This new Boost/Renew offer is actually a pretty smart idea: it let’s American earn some extra money, it’s helps current elites who are unable to retain status for next year, and it manages to still protect the value of American’s AAdvantage Elite program!

Visit for complete details.


  1. I am already Executive Platinum for next year. However, I could use a few miles to get to the 150k Elite bonus. Could I buy EQMs to get there?

    • @ Alex – That’s a great question. Sorry, but when you participate in this offer they don’t actually give you any extra Elite Qualifing Miles, they just bump you up in status (the Boost option) or keep you at your current Elite Status level when you renew. Appreciate the comment!

    • @ Michael – No link? Doh!!! Such a rookie mistake, thanks for mentioning it!

      About the offer, you can’t sign up until Jan. 1, 2014. I added a link to the post, check it out for all the details.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. I need 39000 more mile to reach EP. I am considering a mileage run because it does not look I can reach EP through Boost. Thoughts?

  3. I am currently a Gold and have currently 46500 miles. I need 3500 miles to reach Platinum level. My next trip is scheduled for January 6, 2014 and I expect to win 1500 additional miles from that trip.
    Is there any way I could pay the amount required for the boost on January 1st 2014 so I could use my new Platinum status on my January 6th trip? Could I call one of your operator or fill the application online with a credit card?
    So closed to the goal, is there any special consideration?
    Happy and Healthy New Year.

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