Check out American’s new A-319 commerical

American just released a new commercial that highlights the entertainment system on the new A-319s that they’re adding to their fleet.

The A-319 is American’s first narrowbody aircraft to feature in-seat entertainment throughout the plane. Passengers are able to choose from up to 200 movies, 180 TV shows, and more than 350 audio selections (including audio books, which I think is kind of cool).

Here’s a look at the  commercial:


    • @ beachfan – Last week I was able to experience first-hand the new A-319 on a flight between ATL and DFW. Saving the review for later in the month.

      I was very impressed with some aspects of the new plane (the main cabin seats are comfortable, the plane feels spacious, and I’m a big fan of the entertainment system) and greatly disappointed in other ways (too few First Class seats, I lost out on a confirmed upgrade when my flight got cancelled I was pushed to the later, A-319 flight, even the sympathetic gate agent complained that the A-319 doesn’t have enough first class seats).

      Anyway, that’s the Cliff Note’s version of my review. What do you not like about the plane?

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