Here’s a photo of American’s new A321-T

American’s new Airbus A321-Transcontinental service between JFK/LAX and JFK/SFO is scheduled to begin early next year, and within the next few weeks they’ll start taking delivery of the new planes.

I’m already a big fan of American’s transcontinental service and this new plane has me very excited!

Just like the 767-200 that it replaces, the A321-T will come configured with three cabins, but with fully lie-flat seats in First and Business class and with on-demand entertainment at every seat.

Aviation enthusiast/photographer Jos Leendertse posted a photo to Flickr of an American A321-T as is sat on the tarmac outside the Airbus factory in Hamburg, Germany. It’s the first photo I’ve seen of American’s new plane and Jos was kind enough to let me share it with you.

Here’s a look.

A321 American - First picture of this new aircraft for American Airlines


The first A321-T flights are scheduled for January 7, 2014 and even though First Class is already sold out, there are still some seats left in Business class and the Main cabin.

I can’t wait for my first A321-T transcon flight!

(Big hat-tip KarelXWB who posted it on, and a big thanks to Jos for letting me share his photo!)


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