Video: American updates their iPhone App for iOS 7

Have you updated to iOS 7 yet? I tried to upgrade last night but the servers were too busy.

One of the reasons that I was eager to update is so that I can get American’s new iOS 7 optimized app.

The new version has been redesigned and follows Apple’s new iOS look and feel. Until I get my iPhone upgraded, I’ll have to make do with these screenshots on and this video tour of iOS version of the app.

I have a friend who updated yesterday and was all excited about Apple’s new software. This morning he sent me a text, “I’m bored. Ready for iOS 8.”

Have you upgraded to iOS 7?


  1. I’m right there with your friend. i’m bored too. But the AA app is nice looking although it appears to function exactly the same way as the previous version. Maybe that will change (my boredom that is) on friday with a new iPhone 5s – at least until Saturday.

  2. Unless I am missing something, even after the upgrade to iOS 7 .. the app seems to be exactly the same as what it was on iOS6..unless something is wrong with the way my 4S works..!

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