1. Strange, I actually saw a Facebook ad for it this afternoon. And they can’t target that to a specific person’s name.

    • @ Greg – Somebody told me that they saw a FB offer, but I never saw it…..wonder how they did that…

  2. Glad I got in when I did! I don’t fly AA, but I might do a quick LA-NY trip in the fall to get the status.

  3. Thanks for the quick heads up today. It pays to “think” fast and signup. I signed up, took screen prints and saved the confirmation email for the promotion. Looks like I may have a shot at AA EXP after flying only 30k.

    Probably got shut down because of emails from existing EXP, Plat members. That’s my guess.

    • @ Alexei – The LinkedIn offer was separate, it uses a different promo code: H3TLK. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Apologies! I literally stumbled on this as I woke up, so I’m still doing my research 😀

    Good luck to all the AA elites in battling this!

    • @ Alexei – I knew the LinkedIn offer was out there, but didn’t have a link! Thanks for sharing!

    • @ RTC and Weekly Flyer – Though I have a feeling that this may have been a mistake, I’m hoping that they will still extend the opportunity for fast track status to the people who registered before the offer was pulled.

  5. @sambagirl-same story here.. just wondering should we do something initiative or should we better just wait..

  6. Can somebody please share the screenshots of the offer and terms with me? I was able to signup and get confirmation email but didn’t realize until after signup (and it was already pulled) that the confirmation email was so vague and I woul need screens! If someone (@theweekly flyer or @rapidtravelchai) could email their screens to me at, would be much appreciated!!

  7. Thanks guys! Yes, I failed to get screenshots, though I did get the confirmation email. I already have a trip planned for November and could add one or two more to get me where I need under the offer terms. But there is no way of knowing whether they’ll honor it, sigh. If you send your screenshots to Pointsnob, could you send them to me as well? sambagirl07 at yahoo.

  8. So according to American Airlines on facebook, this is what they said when somebody asked if the offer is still available.. “The promotion continues to be available to targeted customers, Will. For any questions, please contact AAdvantage Customer Service at 800-882-8880 M-F 9:a-5:30p ct.”

    I guess now its targeted.. i dont know if I’m more upset about that its still available, or that we as loyal customers are not even considered in this kind of lucrative and easy to achieve offer.. To disclose, i flew 51k miles so far this yr with AA, and will be flying 20k for sure for up to end of October (already booked and paid for 5trips total). another 10k in 2 months would be easy for me.. I love AA, but man this targeted offer really hit my buttons.. Angry is not enough to describe my feelings towards AA at the moment..

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