This is your Captain Streaking: Upset AA Pilot Strips for Brazilian Security

Need we say more?

Since it’s Friday I thought I’d close out the week with this odd bit of news from Brazil.

According to a Brazilian website, an American Airlines pilot was arrested yesterday for reportedly losing his temper and stripping off his clothes while attempting to go through airport security in Salvador, Brazil.

From the Brazil Dispatch:

An American Airlines pilot landed in a Brazilian jail Thursday after he stripped down to his tighty whities when an airport metal detector would not stop beeping at him.

Authorities arrested him and charged him with “contempt”, and as a result, American flight 238 from Salvador to Miami was cancelled.

I found two versions of the story online.

One in Portuguese: American pilot is held to be naked at airport in Bahia

And one in English: American Airlines Pilot Lands in Brazil Jail

A big hat tip and thanks to Eloy the Mestre das Milhas!

Have a great weekend!!

Photo: Need we say more?
Credit: Quinn Dombrowski on Flickr



  1. Hmmmm…after reading that story…seems Brazil security tend to make pilots (and who knows how many others) quite angry. Perhaps a repair of the metal detector is it order?

  2. This from a country where people hardly wear any clothes to begin with! And here I thought airline staff were given some slack… NOT.

  3. @ Bethany – As someone who’s been through security at the old terminal at DTW, I can certainly understand the pilot’s frustration.

    It was hard to say which worked less: the DTW screeners or their equipment. I used to hate that airport! 🙂

    @ iv – That’s funny….sort of like a Security Carnival! 🙂

  4. Does a pilot need to be screened, can’t they create a bad situation without a weapon? Such a dumb policy. A pilot can do all the damage needed via his access.

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