Best review I’ve read of American’s 777-300ER First Class service

New American Airlines 777-300ER parked at the Museum of Flight

Someone once asked me why I don’t do trip reports. I explained that most of my flying is limited to such glamorous and exotic destinations as Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, San Jose, Detroit, and that I wasn’t sure readers would find a review of domestic First Class, or exit row seating on a MD-80, all that exciting.

Besides, putting together an interesting and readable trip report is a skill. Some people (like Ben) have the skill, and others (like me) do not. But that doesn’t mean I can’t recognize an awesome trip report when I read one.

A couple of days ago, I came across what might just be one of the most enjoyable trip reports I’ve read so far that details American’s First Class product on their new 777-300ER.

It’s well written, has lots of info without being overly long, and the photographs are fantastic!

Flyertalk member kingdomchris posted a review of his recent flight from London to DFW. By now you’ve probably read more than a few reviews of American’s 777-300ER, but this one is especially worth reading.

Go here to check it out: AA First Class 777-300 LHR/DFW.

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