Video: American takes delivery of a new Boeing 737

American just posted another “Behind the Scenes” video. ┬áThis one gives us a look at what happens when they take delivery of a new Boeing 737.

“What’s involved in taking delivery of a new plane? Behind the Scenes @AmericanAir”


I follow the @AmericanAir YouTube channel and when I saw the headline my first thought was that it might be a sneak peek at one of the new 777-300ERs that’ll go into service at the end of the year

These new 777-300ERs will feature a completely redesigned cabin and fully lie-flat seats, and while American has released some computer generated concept images, they haven’t released any photos yet.

I’m excited about these new interiors and can’t wait to see the real thing.

The other day I noticed that the @AmericanAir team tweeted an image of the new 777 on the production line at Boeing’s factory, so I may not have to wait much longer!

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