Live @AmericanAir Chat Today with the Leader of American’s Flight Attendants

Over the last six months, the @AmericanAir team has hosted a few Twitter chats with some of their employees so that customers can have a chance to ask questions about a number of topics related to running the airline.

I noticed that they’re having another chat today, and this one ought to be especially interesting:

American Airlines Twitter Chat

American’s flight attendants are the most visible of their customer facing employees. ¬†After all, they are the ones you spend the most time with during a journey, and they’re often the difference between a good flight and an awesome one.

They also have one of the more interesting jobs at the airline: they serve meals, perform CPR, they even deliver a baby once in a while.

Anyway, here’s your chance to ask Laurie Curtis anything you ever wanted to know about a flight attendant’s job, inflight services, or life in the cabin.

The chat begins at 12:00pm CT, go here to follow along.

Have a great weekend!

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