American adds more 3-cabin 777-200 service to continental Europe

Here’s yet another upside to American adding the 777-300ER to their fleet, it means that they have a few extra 777-200s that are free to be deployed on other routes.

On three international routes they’re replacing a few of their 2-cabin 767-300s with 3-cabin 777-200s.

This means more First Class seats to Europe!

These are the routes that have been upgraded:

• As of 6/12 American is operating the 772 between DFW and Frankfurt, Germany. This is permanent rather than seasonal.

• 6/11 – 8/26 – American is operating a 772 between DFW and Madrid, Spain

• 7/2 – 7/30 – American is operating a 772 between DFW and Paris, France (CDG)

You might consider all three destinations if you’re looking to avoid LHR fees.

Hat tip to Destination David!

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