Reader Poll: With fewer First Class seats, will you avoid American’s new A319?

American published the seatmaps for the A319s that they’ll be introducing to their fleet this Fall. The new planes will replace MD-80s on routes from DFW to some of the smaller markets that American serves.

Ben was quick to note that the new plane will have even fewer First Class seats than American’s CRJ-700 regional jets:

The A319, on the other hand, will only have a total of eight first class seats, making it the smallest first class cabin in American’s fleet. American’s 737s and MD80s all have 16 first class seats, and even their regional jets have nine first class seats. So this is a huge reduction in first class capacity.

For AAdvantage Elite members this will mean fewer seats available for upgrades.

Gary compares the First Class configuration of American’s new A319 with that of the 737, 757, and MD-80 and notes that when choosing a flight your upgrade chances will probably be better if you don’t select the A319.

They MD-80 is older and has a higher operating cost so it’s easy to understand why they’re being replaced, but as a passenger I’ve long been a fan of the MD-80: quiet cabin up front, lots of First Class seats, and with the 3 by 2 config there are fewer middle seats in coach. If the A319 replaces all of them, then I’m really going to be sorry to see the MD-80 go.

What do you think? If you’re concerned about your upgrade chances, is the A319 the plane to avoid?

To improve your chances of an upgrade, are you going to avoid the A319?

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  1. Surprised – but not disappointed – they are not on DFW-PIT – I fly that route regularly and as Gold in the past I was able to get upgraded regularly – but recently its been Full of EXP and as Plat I have no chance.

    I see there is MCE on there – interesting to see how much room there is compared to 737 MCE

  2. It’s not only the small F cabin that will keep me away from the A319, it’s the small number of MCE rows, too. Even in MCE I don’t prefer the middle, and with only three rows (plus the exit row, so four) that reduces the number of my personally preferred seats in Y to 16.

  3. I’ll go for first class seats aver any other amenities in a heartbeat. I will do my best to avoid the 319 if it is configured with only 8 f seats

  4. I won’t avoid it – I’m actually an Airbus fan over the 737s regardless of upgrade ability. While it’s sad to see so few MCE seats, I generally book well ahead of time and shouldn’t have a problem securing one. Plus, I’m getting over my “upgrade phobia” and re-discovering the joy of just flying. If this bird were flying LAX/SFO-JFK/BOS, I might think differently.

  5. United fly’s their stupid A319 and A320 on Mid and Transcons; with this many seats and in those situations I absolutely avoid it. However on a short hop it’s not as big of a deal. It all depends on how they are deployed and how they stick to that plan over the long run.

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