Need more Klout for a free Admirals Club day pass?

Earlier this month American Airlines and Klout teamed up to offer people with a Klout score of 55 or higher a free Admirals Club day pass.

If you went to American’s special promotion website and didn’t score a pass there’s still hope: if you increase your Klout you can go back to the site and resubmit your score to qualify.   You have to do this using a different browser or another computer (another option is to use your favorite browser after you clear your cookies and cache).  I heard about this trick from a reader who shared her experience (thanks Margaux!).

Margaux had originally submitted her Klout score but didn’t get the day pass because her score was 45.  She was able to bump up her Klout by linking her other networks and the next day her number increased to 56.  Using another browser she was able to go to the promotion site, try again, and this time she got her free Admirals Club pass!

To link your other networks visit your Klout settings page, select “Connected Networks”, and add as many active accounts as possible


AAdvantage Geek   Connected Networks


Wait at least 24 hours for your score to increase.  If you’re not at 55 or higher but you’re close, then spend a few days interacting on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and your other linked networks. With a little time and effort you should see a rise in your number.

If you need more advice about Klout and raising your score, here’s an article that offers several helpful strategies.






  1. Quick Klout score boosting tip: Use Instagram and share with your other networks. Pictures get a lot of feedback and you only have to post it once.

    Also, I think just connecting and posting to Instagram once will give a boost of a couple points off the bat.

    Just some stuff I found while messing with my score recently haha

  2. I raised mine from 29 to 61 in about three days (maybe it was four), by posting pictures everyone would like or comment on (kitten photos work great, as do baby photos), posting status updates that were easy for people to like or comment on (for instance, talking about how wonderful your mother, and all mothers, are), and so on.

    It’s really a very gameable score.

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